Chairman Desk

Mr. P. R. Bhosale


Sanjeevan Group Of School, Panhala.

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Warm wishes to all the well-wishers and stake holders of Sanjeevan.

Dear well-wishers, Sanjeevan is the breath of my life. Sanjeevan was sculpted through the path of unimaginable and challenging incidents. I have come through a very simple family of a farmer, without any educational or political support. I spent my childhood in a small village, Narande of Hatkanagale tehsil. My career accelerated when I was serving in an educational institution at Panhala and started the journey of Sanjeevan only with seven stars, my first students and with the support and co-operation of my associates and colleagues.

The knowledgeable journey of Sanjeevan is continued with students as its assets and parents its backbone.

Sanjeevan has nurtured its tradition of reviving the Gurukul system of education, there by creating citizens with a devoted heart, helping hand and inquisitive head. In the wide area of 100 acres, lies the beautiful campus of Sanjeevan educating 4500 students, 700 employees with a will and passion for devoted profession. Covering the horizon of Panhala, Sanjeevan now spreads its wings at the Knowledge Hub Pune and Mahanagar Mumbai. The management of Sanjeevan wishes to create Sanjeevan Deemed University at Panhala with the same full-fledged devotion and passion for a knowledge journey.